1000 spirits

This is a process based work in progress, involving one thousand spinning tops. The tops were made through a random and freehand turning process. This yielded tops that are all different in their shapes and sizes. After a thousand was produced, they were organized according to their features. At the moment, the aim is to create a sort of a genealogical display of spinning tops and video pieces.

A set of one hundred spinning tops will be framed in a display case. A total of ten set will exhibited. Video works will be exploring the desires and ambiguities present around each tops and as a whole. 

1-100, 101-200, 202-300, 301-400, 401-500, 501-600, 601-700, 701-800, 801-900, 901-1000

planned final dimension: 928(L) x 928(W) x 115mm(D), 36-1/2 x 36-1/2 x 6"