cedar bouquet
Pencil was probably the first encounter with cedar. Back when the relationship with pencils was young, I remember sharpening pencil for just the sake of sharpening, chewing them because they were soft and the teeth marks on them were fascinating, breaking them and put them back together seamlessly etc. Amongst these childhood memories, smell of pencils also stuck with me. It was the distinctive scent which made the connection between the past and the cedar wood I encountered in Canada. Since then, I have learned all thoughts of amazing facts about them through scientific and cultural understandings, which eventually led to the making of cedar bouquet.

cedar bouquet is a cylindrical wood object, housing a glass bottle with cedar oil in it. The oil can be dropped using it's eye dropper onto the concave surface on top of the cylinder. The oil will be absorbed into the wood and released slowly into the air. It is intended for closet use to freshen inside and deter insects.

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size: ∅6.9mm (2-3/4") x H160mm (6-9/64")
material: western red cedar,  glass bottle