dry cedar food seating
I remember fruits baskets from TV shows and movies I watched when I was a kid. Usually the scene is set in a hospital, and a patient receives a gift of fruits basket from visiting family members or friends. It looked really full, cheering and fantastic. It is something I have never received in my life (fortunately I guess), but the memories and feelings have stayed with me. This childhood memory is tied to the dry cedar seating wooden trays I have started making. Happy looking fruits and humble vegetables sitting in a vessel at home. I wonder if they taste better because they look nice...

Dry cedar food seating is a numbered series of wooden plates. They are mean to be used for seating food like vegetables and fruits. Each one is turned on a lathe without prior plans for its shape. Thus, they all have different shapes. Each vessel is hand made from western red cedar. size: 11" in diameter.

fruits & vegetable vessels 1.jpg