This type of furniture, due to its use,  for me feel like one of the hardest working furniture. A chair is meant to be sat on, but this piece is mean to be stepped on. Its purpose is to help us in reaching by offering itself to be stood on top. While staying still and supporting our entire weight, it has to stay as still as possible so that we won't fall. And because of its interaction with our feet, they are moved around by them too instead of our hands. But these are how they fulfill their meanings perhaps.

fumiisu ('fumi' is to step and 'isu' is chair/stool), is a step stool. It is made with hard maple, and its supporting dowel legs are stepped in each joint for structural purposes. It can also accommodate seating. 

Thank you to a friend for this piece has become tangible. And also thank you for allowing me do design it freely.

fumiisu stool 11.jpg

size: W390mm (15-3/8") x D355mm (14") x H460mm (18")
material: hard maple