lamp stool bc edition

For me, Douglas fir is a wood of British Columbia. There are many other trees like pine, spruce, hemlock, cedar, but fir is one of the wood that comes to mind when think of BC (other wood cedar of course). This is probably because I have been encountering them while working with wood. Their distinct smell, psychedelic plywood grain patter, beautiful vertical grain patter etc are well integrated in BC living spaces.

The first prototype of the lamp stool seat pan was made from an old growth douglas fir plank, which used to be part of paint can storage shelves. They were in an old paint store basement, in which my friends and I moved in to build our wood shop. In there, I glued up three pieces of VG fir, which made a nice composition with their straight grain patterns. However, this design did not seem feasible at the time. And now I am bring it back for the British Columbia edition lamp stool because douglas fir is BC and beautiful.

H450 x W398mm (17.5 x 15.5”), Ø320mm (12.5”) seat pan
material: douglas fir, clear coat

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