shikishi stool
Shikishi (colour paper) is something I grew up seeing everywhere in Japan. Most of the time it has an autograph of a celebrity and other famous people. And they are hang on walls in houses and restaurants. I remember getting it signed by professional ski athletes back when I was in elementary school. It was exciting to have them signed and hang them in my room as some sort of trophies. Also, I wrote many congratulatory and thank you messages on it with classmates and friends as gift cards. With these memories, now I understand why I wanted to use its shape to make a seat pan. The rectangle met Gerrit Rietvelt’s redblue chair and became a stool.
The paper board referenced for the stool is one of the common types with 5:6 ratio rectangle shape and a gold trim around.

size: W338mm (13-1/4") x D300mm (11-7/8") x450mm (17-3/4")
material: yellow ash,  clear satin coat