ta step
It has been good to remember what friends have expressed about their needs for an objects, like furniture and other everyday life things. Most often, unless it is arranged in a client and a designer situation, I do not put too much effort into thinking about possible solutions. However, their wants usually stay with me, and they eventually bloom when the time comes. This is one of the best ways a design is realized, because it is often a surprise and feels things have connected naturally with certain materials at the right timing. This, I feel relates to Sori Yanagi's idea of how beauty should be born naturally and not made intentionally.

ta step is a small step stool which was sort of born between two step stools I was designing. There was a step stool I designed, but it was not completed and in hibernation for a while, and there was another step stool I was making out of offcuts plywood, which often becomes a problem in a woodworking shop. They were completely different in design and material: plywood vs solid wood. ta step is a combination of both. And most importantly, there was a particular need for a friend who could not find a decent step stool. She has mentioned it to me but never really asked me to design, but the idea stayed in me and connected with the right ideas and materials. 

size: W350mm (16.5") x D310mm (13-3/4") x H220mm (8-1/2")
material: brich plywood and eastern birch