tana shelving system

     Roughly drilled holes, wide legs, bulky shelves and big galvanized screws were the starting point of this desire... A cheap wooden shelves from a drugstore helped my life get organized back then. Many of my friends had the same shelves and saw them in other places in the city. They were present in our everyday lives. But like any other mass produced good meant to be disposed in short time period, they disappeared leaving indifferences and some dissatisfactions... and the latter got me thinking for something different...

     tana shelving is a modular surface system. It can go as wide and tall as you want, and sometimes doors and drawers can be added too.

size: 900mm (35-3/16") x 310mm (12-3/16") x450mm (17-23/32")
material: eastern birch,  clear satin finish

go wide and tall, like scaffolding.