teot table

A table and a bench were made, and they lived in their habitat for couple years. Everything was going well except one thing about the table. With it’s most minimal structure, though it looked really simple and content, it could not keep its self stiff enough. The wobble did not cause a major issues, but the owners wished it would be more stiff. Few years passed and one day, an opportunity arose for them to become more content.

The way the structural skirt holding the tops and legs in the table and bench is the main design feature, which came from ta step project. It is a simple pulled-in-toward-a-corner method of securing legs. Wanted something different from regular ways of connecting legs with skirt pieces butting to each legs, the method of crossed brace corner seemed quite fitting for making the table more stable with the bracing support of skirt. Looking at the table and bench, I see how the inspiration I got from Gerrit Rietveld Red Blue Chair to make the shikishi stool, and my affinity toward using dowels for structure came together.

material: black walnut, wax oil finish
size: 1520mm x 800mm x 730mm (60” x 31-1/2” x 28-3/4”)