tl mirror box
A large full size mirror sat in a woodshop for few years collecting dust. It almost had a frame once, but it got chipped during a glue up and became smaller. Then it sat again for few more years, still without a frame. One day, a ladder fell on it, shattering it into million pieces. Too depressed to deal with this, the pile of sadness sat for few days. When it was cleaned, there stood a piece still big enough to be a mirror. So it sat again, feeling significantly smaller, without a frame. But not for too long, and it never needed a frame. Just a box, on which it could stick to was perfect. A sort of sad mirror with it’s past, but settled happily.

tl mirror box is a medicine cabinet style mirror. It could be used anywhere mirror is desired. The reversible cleat allows it to be mounted on a wall either right or left pull out direction. 

tl mirror box 2.jpg
tl mirror box 3.jpg
tl mirror box 4.jpg
tl mirror box 5.jpg
tl mirror box 1.jpg

size: W382mm (15") x 457mm (18") x D125mm (5")
material: white oak,  plywood , mirror