ot step stool
It is inevitable that any woodworking shop will collects offcuts of wood and plywood. With my emotions attached to ideas of waste, I could not just throw away materials which can have possible futures. There are usually donation box in this kind situation, but with a lack of space and how it can easily become an over grown pile of free stuff, I decided on making something out of them.

From the offcuts pile came three step stools and one of them... well, I guess all of them led to the ot step stool, which made me to realize and appreciate the brilliance of plywood, how it is a great use of material, how it made wooden boxes available to us, how its structural strength enables us with so many applications etc...

ot step stool probably looks too simple and has not much specialness that many of us can detect, but it is a reminder for me to see one of the most basic uses of sheet material and construction to create something useful. Also, it is a personal reminder of the entropy we exist in, and how hard it is to be and design something simple.

size: W420mm (16.5") x D400mm (15-3/4") x H460mm (18")
material: brich plywood