tusb plant seating
"Please have a seat by the window. It's nice there. You will get some sun light and will be able to see out side too. Also, I specifically made the seating for you..." I don't talk to plants, but I would like to tell them this. When thinking about something for them to sit on, the way a shelf like object might occupies the space felt stifling. However, when I thought about a bench, which is mainly made for people, it felt like a good match. 

tusb plant seating was designed with plants in mind: how they might sit and look, where they would like to be placed, how we might interact with them etc. The top is enough for a medium size planters and also big enough for people to sit on (though with minimal comfort). So it does not take as much space as common benches. 

tusb plant seating 6.jpg

with small lamp stool

size: W900mm (35-3/8") x D230mm (9") x H437mm (17-1/4")
material: ash